Fatima M.

Tour Guide at CUNY Bernard M Baruch College

Class of 2022

Hometown: Sunnyside, NY

Major: Public Affairs

Minor: Political Science

Tell me about one of your most memorable moments at Baruch:

Being at Baruch, I became apart of the Max Berger Pre-Law Society. This allowed me to join their winter program that they hold every year. I was exposed to LSAT strategies, and I was also able to go to NYC BAR Association; where I met several admissions officers to Law schools around the U.S. I was also able to talk to the panelist who were lawyers to get great advice on how to apply to law school.

One fun fact people don't know about me ...

At age 4 I moved to Mexico I studied in a a providence named Puebla for an entire year

Tell me about your Favorite Baruch Class/Professor...

I have several professor at Baruch that I admire. Currently Professor D'Souza who is a Public Affairs professor is my favorite. She teaches micro-economics and shows us that government policies affect the economy and because these policies are affecting individuals personal life.

I'm involved with...

Max Berger Pre-Law Society
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